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Week 3 - Run 2 - Out in the big wide world!

Just back from my big brave outside world adventure. :)

I was a bit apprehensive before I set off. A few doubts were running around my head, 'I've still got a cold, it might make it worse', 'What if get and injury half way round?', 'What if someone spots me and laughs?', 'What if the treadmill gets jealous?'.

So, I gave myself a good talking to for being a wimp and went for it! (in a reserved kind of way).

Before I knew it I was cruising along the beach in slow motion to the tune from Chariots of Fire (which didn't quite match the song Laura was playing, but it sort of worked)! :) And I was a long way from home, well about 1.5k. :)

I noted a few differences compared to running on the treadmill:

1) The air-conditioning is much better, especially on the beach with a stiff breeze blowing off the North Sea. I didn't get nearly as hot.

2) The view is more interesting. As much as I love gazing out of the window and counting the cherry blossom as I plod along, it gets a bit boring.

3) It's a bit more difficult. The floor doesn't conveniently flow in the opposite direction halving your effort.

4) Pacing yourself is more difficult as you have to regulate that yourself rather than pressing a button. This wasn't a bad thing as I ended up running faster and further than last time, by accident. :)

5) It's easier. I know I said it's more difficult in point 3) but that was more to do with the actual running than getting through the run. Overall it seems easier and seems over quicker. I think that is probably because there are no digital displays to look at telling you how many seconds you have till you can slow down again. I hope that makes sense!

6) You don't know what your heart rate is. Do I need to know what my heart rate is? Er, probably not. Knowing that I still have one is enough! :)

Anyhow, this is turning into an epic (can you tell i enjoyed th run?) :)

So here's looking forward to the reverse run on Sunday, I am going to run the opposite direction rather than backwards :)


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Very funny blog! Lots of very good points there too (not that I've run on a treadmill, but I think I'd probably loathe it!) Point 3 I particularly liked. :)

Hope you enjoy your reverse run just as much. :)


Great blog Kev :) And so glad you enjoyed the outside experience! I was the reverse! I started outside in grotty winter town streets and essentially finished C25K there too - as my one experience on a treadmill (round about W4) bored me rigid! Sure, it felt a wee bit easier, was warmer, told me exactly how far/fast/alive I was, and was 'softer' on my legs (than hard pavements) .... But, oh those ruddy flashing lights, faster 'Olympic' others around me in the gym, piped 'lift music' over the sound system and sweaty smell lingering for half a mile around the gym ..... Enuf said :(

Not sure where your beach is, but it sounds sublime ... Maybe as summer develops (if it ever does!) you may be tempted outside more often? Following my early weeks I did venture out to parks, a woodland, a canal path and even an empty field ... It's all out there to enjoy. Oh, and running places 'the other way around' really doubles your available routes - you'll be amazed at the different things you'll notice. Lots of luck with the rest of the programme, hope to see more jolly blogs from you in the weeks ahead. Cheers, Linda x :D


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