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None too shabby

Yes!!!! - I have completed week 1 and am overjoyed. Even managed to keep up with my 14 year old for W1R3 (more or less). She has to not get too far ahead as she doesn't listen to Laura's podcast but uses her own music so she needs to see when I've stopped so she can too.

She makes me laugh though in the 5 minute cool down as she sort of dances this (black eyed peas), even when we're in the park :) Really happy to be doing it with her and at 48yrs old I'm quite proud to be keeping up with a teenager!

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Woohoo! Great job! I'm hoping to get my 10 year old to start running. I wonder how long it'll take him to outpace me... :-) Keep up the good work!


Well done. I have just completed W2R1 with my fifteen year old son and even though I am enjoying the start to my 5k journey, spending quality time with the boy is fabulous and a great motivation to keep putting the trainers on!


Couldn't agree more - bit of bonding time with a teenager is great. We're both enjoying the time together so it's a real added incentive to put the trainers on. Off for W2R2 this evening (after she'd finished her music lesson - so it'll be a late one!). Wish us luck!


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