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Week 7 -R2-not amazing

Went out last night -not my best run. Feel in quite a deflated mood. Up until now I have felt in control and that I can do whatever Laura asks of me. Last night was just scrappy -really struggled, to hot, music not right, laces to tight.:-(

Anyway it is fine -I know it is just one bad run and at least I was out there doing it-but still will I ever go out and do a half decent run without feeling completely under confident of what I can do. And life after Laura what about that.....will I keep it up?

Why does it feel so important -It's only running.

Run 3 tomorrow -hope it goes well.

Happy running everyone.x

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I'm right there with you on the 'will I keep it up' bit. I think I've become so fixated on Weeks 1-9, that subconsciously I'm thinking that it'll all be over soon (I'm currently at exactly the same point as you - W7R3 to do). But it won't be... will it... ever...?



Did week 7 run 2 today and felt I really struggle. So glad I am not the only one. I am hoping it will get easier. On the other hand do feel proud of getting this far and so should you.


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