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2nd 5k - Record time - By the seaside!

There's no going back now. I'm into regular 5k runs now and improving time is my goal.

So last evening, bathed in the setting sun, I set off along the Promenade in Eastbourne for my second full 5k.

At the start I felt as if I was so slow, feeling as if my feet were barely leaving the ground, so was surprised when the first k ticked over at 6.17. Not as bad as I thought then.

So I maintained the pace and completed the second k in the same time.

Now I was into a rhythm and it felt really good. So good that k no. 3 was only 5.58!!

K no. 4 followed almost as quickly in 6.00 dead and by now I knew a PB was well in sight. Upping the pace I completed the final k in 5.56!!

My total time for the 5k was, therefore, 30.28. The sub 30min run is on the horizon now.

Seeing as only 7 weeks ago I was puffing and panting after 1 minute of running, I am amazed at this.

Laura deserves to be named in the next Honours List!

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Seriously impressed! And what a lovely place to run. I'll try it next time I'm down there visiting my parents. But I'm only just finished week 1 so still cannot imagine ever being able to do this! Well done, you're an inspiration!


That's the thing - when I was where you are now, I couldn't imagine being able to run for 30 minutes. I was dreading even the 8 minute run!

But the fact is (and this is proved time and time again by the posts on this site) if you trust the Programme completely and take the small steps one at a time, and not worry about it, your gradual improvements in fitness carry you through and before you know it you are completing 5k with relative ease.

Keep it up - very best of luck.


Thanks Slideman, I will. It will be amazing to get to to the fitness level you are now. It must feel so fantastic to be looking at running 5k in 30 mins. Let us all know when you get there so we can congratulate you :)


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