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Properly graduated now with the best run yet!

After two weeks of running 30 min runs every other day, I think I feel that I have finally graduated and it isn't a fluke!!! This last run was the best one yet.

It was really windy when I set off and I nearly didn't go out, but in the end I thought why not, if its tough, just try again another day. First track on the iPod was a favourite and I think that set me off in the right mood, I was listening to the music and relaxed and before I knew it I'd reached the 5 min point,I didn't feel out of breath, it felt good. At about 12 mins I hit a longish steady incline, I dug in, listened to the music and found myself at the top..... Still felt good. The big (well big to me!) hill comes at about 20 mins. I put my head down and just kept putting one foot in front of the other. It felt hard but I wasn't out of breath, this was a minor miracle for me! From there it is flat or slightly down hill. Well there was no stopping me, I just got into a rhythm and kept on going, 35 mins and i felt that I could have gone further.

It really felt good. I can't believe that I have come from someone who has never been able to run for any distance to doing 35 mins! I do think it is a miracle, if I can do it then anyone can. But the real learning point for me is that this is all about mental toughness and attitude. Yes of course physical fitness comes into it, but relaxing and believing you can do it is a major factor. So many times I stopped and gave up, and I could have carried on, I just didn't think that I could.

As long as my knees and ankles hold up, I have found something I want to do for life.

A big thank you to everyone on this forum, I prefer to run alone, but having the support here means that you aren't ever alone. The support and encouragement is just great, thanks for getting me here!

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Well done, especially on the hill! I love your statement about finding something you want to do for life :) And you make a point that resonates with me - I much prefer to run alone, but I couldn't manage without this forum. Great, isn't it? :)


Oh well, well, done. Fantastic achievement and a real inspiration. I agree so much about the mental aspect of it, just getting your head down and getting on with it. All happiness for your future running success.


Great to hear such a successful experience. I'm about to try running for 3 mins tomorrow and am amazed that I have even got that far. Enjoy your running!


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