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Only lasted less than a minute :(

Today I had my first really off putting day. Got into my running gear but it was hours before I made it out the door, then during the warm up it started to rain, then I realized I needed to go to the washroom, managed to run about 30 seconds before I found my right hamstring was stiff and I stopped running and walked home.

I feel annoyed with myself, should I just have powered through? I never even gave it a real shot.

Should I try go out tonight or leave it until tomorrow?

Anyone else had this and want to share what worked best for them.

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I would suggest that if you're demoralised then walk it. A walk will get you warmed up and that hamstring stretched out and more flexible for next time. You might even find that after so long walking you would rather run a bit to get it over and done with and home quicker but even walking the whole thing would be better than nothing. Walking is actually better for fat burning than running too so that's an added bonus.

Watch Rocky before your run, you'll be completely motivated to get out there! Good luck


There are times when the run just doesn't work. Sometimes we can work out why (poor hydration, nutrition, whatever) and sometimes we just don't know. Put it behind you and try again when you can. The hardest part is getting out of the door, and you did that. I don't think it's a good idea to keep running if something is sore - it's generally sore for a reason and if you make it worse you will not be running for a while.

all the best for your next run - let us know how it goes.


I'd say try again tonight- don't beat yourself up about it & crack on with the programme.

I always find it psychologically tough when I've had my running gear on all day before I manage to get out. There isn't the getting changed ritual to get you in the right mind set. Bad weather is never fun to run in but one of my best runs (think it was about week7) was when I forced myself out of the house at dusk in the pouring rain, I don't really remember the run other than I got my first smile & nod from another runner . That small silent gesture made me feel like I had arrived! It was an accnowledgement that I was serious about running as I was out in far from optimal conditions... So maybe tonight you'll have your best run yet!

Getstraight back on the horse & go for it!!


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