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Treadmill vs outside/sore legs/which trainers/what speed.....lots of questions sorry!

Soo I have only recently started c25k and have a few questions!

I am running on a treadmill just now but am fairly new to running of any sort? What do people find best-indoor or outdoor? Am I better mixing it up a bit from now or should I work up to running a decent distance before running outdoors?!?

2nd question- I have been just trying to work out what speed is best for me. Tend to do my walking at 6 or 6.5km/hr and running at 10km/hr but I decided to add couple of minutes to week 3/3 in preparation for next week but near end of run had to drop speed down to 9km/hr which is prob what i will stick to for week 4. I know it's just everyone's personal preference but was wondering what speed anyone who also uses treadmills runs at. Want to make sure I'm not overdoing it!

3- for first couple weeks was getting sore ankles,mainly up outside of my ankles. I know the trainers I was wearing weren't running shoes. Recently got a pair of asics gel running shoes and can instantly feel the difference in the amount of support I have in foot and ankle but last 2 runs I feel my shins a little sore. Not so much when running but after. Even now 24 hrs after run they are sore if I press over my shins. Is this shoe related/how I'm running/need to stretch more??

Also - anyone recommend any particular running shoes?!?

Sorry for all the questions! As I said I'm very new to this and definitely have the running bug, just want to make sure I don't have to stop due to injury or anything!

Any hints appreciated :)

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I can't advise on shin things, except maybe to say try googling 'shin splints', see if that sounds like what you're feeling, and follow the plentiful advice :)

For speed, you're best running at the pace that's comfortable for you - that's pushing you a bit and making you work, for sure, but that you can manage to complete the runs. And if that means you slow down slightly as the weeks go on, that's absolutely fine. I mainly run outside, but do use the treadmill if its dark or too wet and cold for me to face the grim outdoors! ;) I'm never sure what speed I'm running though, since for all it looks as though the speed displayed is mph, it's not quite - as demonstrated by the face that 30 mins at 6.4 was around 3 miles on its distance display...!

Again for shoes, feet are so individual that it's best to go with what feels best for you. I like New Balance, others like Asics, or Nike, or any of the other numerous brands.


if you have only run in your new trainers a couple of times then it could possibly be your legs just getting used to new trainers & landing differently in them. did you go for proper gait analysis? its where they put you on a treadmill & film you running for a few seconds to get an idea of how you land. then they get you to try different trainers until your foot lands correctly.

I did all of c25k on a treadmill then moved outside & hated it. mainly because I could run 30mins inside but outside I ran too fast & could only manage a few minutes before getting out of puff. my children have done c25k & I joined them for one run a week, which we did outside & now always run outside. (we had a treadmill at home & they did the other 2 runs inside). if you can do both then my advice would be to do this.

my speed was in mph on the treadmill. 5.5 or 5.6 for running & 3.5-4mph for the walking bits. & an incline of .5 or 1 which will mimic running outdoors apparently, but is also nicer on the feet.

good luck. x


Thanks!! The weathers so miserable here just now, having no option but to stick to treadmill but definitely think I'm gonna vary it a little once not so wet!

I've never heard of anywhere do a gait analysis but I will ask around! I'm wondering if you're right and maybe just settling in to new shoes. Did the first run of week 4 today, was slightly dubious about doing longer bursts of running but was surprised that it wasn't as hard as I imagined. Kept the speed down a little on previous runs. I also tried to concentrate a little more on my foot placement so I wasn't landing too much on my heel and made sure I stretched properly after. Have tired muscles after the longer run but no obvious pain today so fingers crossed!!


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