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W5r3 - I did it!

Well I had visitors staying and put it off for 3 days and nearly did again today but 'No' I must do it I told myself and I did! The run was uphill for the first 2k but then down for 1k and up and down at the end. The downhill bit made me feel good! I can see me finishing this programme with a smile on my face. I had to run round the school outside twice this morning as there was a school trip and people/things were in the wrong place and I wasn't out of breath. No way would that have happened at the start of this!

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Very good progress going on there! Starting off uphill is impressive. :)

I hope you have a smile on your face for lots more runs. :)


well done, that's brilliant :-D You are brave, I avoided hills until quite a while after graduation. Onwards and upwards, shiny badge in your sight now ;-)


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