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W7R1 - A mini triumph

Well here we are at W7. How on earth did I get here? 4 weeks ago on W3R1 I was really struggling, but W7R1 is in the bag.

I was wondering how I would get on today for three reasons: 1) I had a three day rest period, which to my mind is one day too long. 2) We were away in N Ireland for 10 days for work. I did manage to fit in all 3 runs of W6 whilst away, but unfortunately I came back 2 1/4 pounds heavier due to some magnificent N Irish hospitality!! Wheaten bread, Irish butter and the chocolate cake. Oh the chocolate cake. I was quite disciplined as I only had 4 pieces in all the ten days. And reason 3) I had already managed to clock over an hour of walking, due to different errands, before my run.

So how did I get on?

Well I managed to get to the end without stopping or walking. 25 mins "running" amazing!

I did my best to start of slow. How difficult is that when you feel fresh and energetic? Got to half way feeling reasonable but had to slow down a bit more to get to the end. Couldn't manage to speed up at the end but was feeling more comfortable than W6R3. However as I was not quite home I kept walking and promised myself that I would run when home was in sight. So the mini triumph is (ta da!) I managed to run an extra 250 yards. OK so it's not that much but I felt pleased with myself. And as Tesco says; "Every little helps".

So thanks again to all those who continue to encourage, advise and generally keep us on track. Only 8 more runs left.

So to all the newbies. You will be able to do this if you really want to.

Keep running.

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