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Week 5 again?

Hi all,

After finishing week 5 last week when Laura said that you can do the week again, I thought 'Why not?'. I did run during the 20 minutes but found it really tough... Has anybody else done week 5 twice?

How else is everyone's running going? Amazing to think that you can start going for so much longer, but still find it quite challenging, more so mentally... Any tips?

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I found most of the runs pretty tough! But kept on going through them and got to week 9 in one piece. The only thing with redoing weeks is that it can be hard to believe you've done them well enough to go on - if you just go on anyway, you may well find you weren't as bad as you thought!

On the other hand, if you'll feel more confident by redoing a week, then that's fine too. Either way, you're running and getting fitter! :)


Thanks for this :) It's wicked, who knew it was so 'easy' to become a runner :) I never thought I could! And I'm a recently diagnosed asthmatic! Whoo!


I did week 5 about 10 times!! In fact I have a theory that week 5 is the toughest for some reason I seem to see loads of blog posts here relating to week 5 trouble. Do it as many times as you feel you need but don't get stuck on it like I did. Push yourself to try week 6 and like me you may find it easier than you think you will!


Thanks for that, I think it's just daunting when Laura says that there are only longer runs ahead...! But I will give week six a go next week. Have you kept running? Does it ever get easier? Haha!


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