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Week 7 - Run 1

Gave myself a slightly kinder run for week 7 R1 - less hills more flat etc. So set off in the rain - but to be honest i was not daunted by this. I am quite obsessed by the running now - and have myself in a good three times a week routine. I am determined to finish this programme and get my badge. I am completely delighted to have got this far. Do I enjoy the running - to be honest probably not - but I like the results. The sense of progression and that I am fitter and losing weight.

So off I went out in the drizzly mizzly rain - nearly defeated by a long slow hill - but walked it and started the 25 mins again. The 20 mins or so were ok - but the last 5 really hard work - I contented myself with thinking of great running playlists.

So it doesn't really get easier for me - but I am relatively confident I can get round - just because I trust Laura - who says I can do it - so I believe I can.

I am aiming for run 2 to be a more confident achievement - oh yes the most pleasing thing of today - I measured how far I had run - approx 2.25 miles - now that was pleasing. Have graduation in my sights now!

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