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Week eight done!

After a disaster on Tuesday last week (I was a bit pushed for time and decided to squeeze in my run in between meeting the builder and picking up my daughter) I do not know if it was the rushing or poor preparation but half way round I got a stiffing in my hamstring and just had to stop...fearing the worst I limped home to load up with ibruphen and sit on a bag of frozen peas!

I had a day off and then decided to give it another go feeling a bit stiff to start but soon was relieved to find out that all was well and although going slower than normal I completed the run, Saturday was better and then last night armed with a new playlist set off late at night and had my best run ever 5km with better speed and even the hills were a pleasant surprise! I have just been adding a bit on to my run somewhere in the middle to increase my distance.

It is amazing to think that when I pulled up my first thought was... “Oh no what about my running program!”

I must admit to enjoying making up my playlists and knowing that when Chelsea Dagger comes on that is time to sing along and head home! Although I might be tempted to let Laura run with me on the last leg of the program.

The program has also encouraged my wife to start running as well. Although fit she has never run in her life, she is enjoying it so far and has completed week 2! :)

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