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W2R3 DONE! Feels good - at last!

Hard work today because of cold wind and rain and very slippery underfoot. Managed to do first 2 runs with only about 10 paces of slowing down before the end. Last run made it to the very end. Amazed when Laura said that was it and cool down! Did my stretches before walking mile to home. Very conscious that my left leg did not feel part of me and the last pull uphill was a very slow drag indeed. But, I did it and whilst I feel I could go back to bed right now - I won't.

At one point i saw a deer running ahead of me. I was spooking it and had to do a bit of nifty footwork to avoid it when it tried to run towards me to pass me. When I looked behind to make sure it was alright there was the most amazing rainbow. Complete, huge and very colourful. Been a nice run today - but how on earth can it be done in winter? I struggled to keep warm enough today. In fact I still feel cold after a lovely hot shower. My - do I enjoy those showers!

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Yes it was cold and wet this morning - but you did it and well done. I sometimes wear thicker leggings if it is cold - I also take a hoodie - to put on straight way if it is cold - tie it round my waist if necessary if I need it, for a long walk back - which is when I get cold.

Lovely image of deer and rainbow - no such luck for me - dull drizzly rain!


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