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Inspired by the run from Chronicles of Riddick


Wifey's number 1 movie scene is the bit in Chronicles of Riddick when he climbs the rock face and is all steamy. She is watching it on tv now as I am wondering what to do for my run tomorrow. I have been inspired by his epic run to try a mini quest of my own.

Due to timing and family visits today my car is currently at my in-laws. Having a wee look at distances on a run mapping programme shows it is almost exactly 6km from my front door to theirs. I should manage that as the warm up walk pushes me to over 5k, albeit it is along quite a busy road.

I have 2 options, option 1, the main road is exactly 6km but is only partly paved. The verge is fairly wide and safe at the unpaved parts though,

Option 2 would involve a detour down a farm track to miss the unpaved part but pushes the distance to 7km which is a bit much.

Given the weather is meant to be a bit wet and windy, I doubt I will want to do the extra distance. Hmm, this will be my furthest ever run distance and will be a wee bit of a challenge.

In [mostly] his immortal words:

"There's gonna be one speed: mine. [slow and steady] If you can't keep up, don't step up. you'll just die [down a bit and trundle along at a happier pace.]"

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Loved this blog entry - made me grin.

I'd do the shorter route but wear day-glo clothing so I'm highly visible to vehicles.


Loved this blog entry - made me grin.

I'd do the shorter route but wear day-glo clothing so I'm highly visible to vehicles.


fab blog, good luck with the run. I'd go the longer route, you will need a cool down walk too, and if you are to run further than normal, the extra cool down will help prevent muscle ache ;-)


Definitely the shorter route, but hi-viz :D Have fun - I hope you enjoy it! You can do the distance - slow and steady, but don't die! :O

Quest completed and shorter distance taken. I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable run as I just wandered at my own pace and wasn't concerned for my time. Running on the verge was actually quite difficult as the grass was so overgrown that I had to wade through it. I managed to thrash my way through the jungle though and managed the 2 big hills at 3k and 4k with surprising ease.

Going slowly and having a simple distance goal made for a lovely experience. I used the stamina podcast as it is a bit longer. I pretty much drowned out Laura as I am not keen on her 1-2-3-4 all the time and I don't think I was particularly following the pace. All in all I ran for 35:49 and my warm down walk took me right up to my car. I ran 5.06km so it wasn't fast at all but I feel good and my calf is a happy bunny. Happy moi.


Another classic image to have in my mind when Im back to longer runs! Didn't really connect with it watching the film last night-but has given me the motivation to go out for a jog this evening. Did have a Forest Gump and Rocky moments last year, but any extra welcome.


Great blogging! Lovely that you enjoyed the run so much, despite the tussocky grass. :)


Glad your run went well and leg was fine; long grass is hard work; I have done some runs on the grass in country parks that only gets cut a couple of times a year and felt it slowed me down a lot having to battle through it! :-)

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