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W4 - my friend - you are now history

Well W4R3 was supposed to be done yesterday but I didn't make it out, so went out tonight instead & now I need to get 3 more runs in this week to stay on target.....eeek... has anyone else run 4x in 1 week..

But overall I have kind of enjoyed W4 - it has show me that I can go for much longer than I thought I would be able to. Running for a full 5 mins might not sound much, but I am actually running for 16 mins out of 21.5 mins which makes the 20 minute run sound fairly doable now.

Another 3 runs done and sorted so I've now finished my 4th week

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This is really encouraging - I've just moved up to 90 sec runs so am well impressed! I should have been doing W2R2 tonight but was late home so am having to put off until tomorrow (and am having a glassnof wine instead - ssssh - don't tell). Thanks for posting something that gives me hope that I can keep going :-)


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