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Couch to 5K
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Week 1 run 1 B210K

Well I am a newbe again. I have been doing 5k runs and some strength & flex as well as a weekly swim.

I am still working on the knee strengthening but have now taken up a B210K plan and started tonight. It is back to stop start running but that is fine. I managed 7k in 45 minutes as I am having to take it easy to get the strength back to my knees.

So no Laura, just music & a voice saying walk, run and half way done. I need to complete this in 6 weeks for my own goal.

Wish me luck :-)

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GOOD LUCK WISHES! You'll do it! Best wishes to you reborn as a newbie. Where do you find the time to do all that stuff? Or the energy!


I am also contemplating the start of B210K so will be watching with interest. I have a dodgy knee to nurse so hope we both make it through happy and healthy.


WAHEY...well done you, all sounds great...Knees are a ****** which is why pace is so important.

I think you will hammer your 6 week goal :)


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