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week 5 run2

Done the second of week 5 runs this morning, was a really good run again, I really focused on keeping my pace to a light jog and it really really does work. The time seemed to fly by, the runs passed so much quicker than the walks did, was eager to get running again. no idea on my distances this week as endomondo isn't working at all on my phone here on holiday, or there is no gps signal, whatever the problem is, it records my time but not a map or distance.

Ran on the beach today which was lovely, if a little chilly, lots of other runners all saying morning as they passed, I felt so good not being out of breath or red faced, which I haven't been since I got here. I'm really beginning to grow in confidence, I don't feel so conspicuous now as I did when I first started. This is such a fantastic journey and one of the best things I have ever done both mentally and physically. Its so uplifting to read everyone's blogs and the therapy of writing my own, will be interesting to read them all back when I'm done. Next challenge, Wednesday the big one. 20 minutes run. Yikes :-) bring it on... I think.. Lol

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That's excellent. I'm jealous that you seem to be finding it all rather easy compared to me! Keep it up!


Oh, it sounds as though you've really found what works for you, brilliant! Running on the beach sounds wonderful. :)


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