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8K | 58 Minutes | Me, a Runner!

I started my C25K journey on February 25th with a goal of joining my daughter in a local COLOR ME RAD 5K that is coming up on March 25th. I completed the C25K program a few weeks ago, and continue to run at least 5K three times a week in preparation for the run. My original goal was to be able to run the 5K in under 45 minutes. Not fast, but I just wanted to do it.

This morning I went out for my run. It's a beautiful sunny day, although a bit chilly. It was really perfect weather for running. I started in my usual way, thinking that I'm not sure I can complete the entire 5K today. I'm not sure why every run begins with me feeling that way, but, oh well. Somewhere around 2K I usually snap out of it. My mind has wondered onto other things and I've lost that tired, "not sure I can do this today" feeling. Anyway, I was starting up a hill when I hit the mid point. Typically, I make a turn so I don't have to climb the entire hill, but today I decided to go for it. By then end of my run, I had completed 8K, and all in just under an hour.

Breaking that down, with the pace I ran today — which was pretty steady, according to my Nike fitness app — I ran a 5k in 36.5 minutes. I'm feeling pretty good about that.

My first official 5K is in less than 2 weeks now, and I'm getting excited for it!

I'm beginning to feel convinced that I really am a runner now. :-)

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Well done! I know what you mean about that "not sure I can do this today" feeling. I look forward to my run all day and when I start actually jogging, I often find myself thinking the same thing as you.

But I haven't been beaten by that feeling yet :)


You are definitely a runner :D deciding to go further when you could have turned back, congrats on your time and distance :-)


My, you really are doing well! It's a great feeling to end up doing far more than you anticipate. :)


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