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Week 3 done

Week 3 run 3 done last night in the pitch black and high winds, I honestly felt like going home halfway through the first 3 mins but I finished it and am so pleased I kept with it, it was even my fastest time yet :-)

Although I'm pleased I'm very tempted to repeat week 3 as a 5 min run seems to be out of my reach at the min especially with how much I struggled with the 3 minute runs.

Has anyone else repeated a week? Not sure if I should or just push through and try week 4?


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I'll let you know later on - its my last run of week 3 tonight and like you the 3 mins run don't come easy! I'll probably go straight onto week 4 and at least try it and if I cant do it then go back and repeat a few more week 3 runs. You wont know unless you give it a go :)


Yeah I think this could be a mind over matter thing, I think ill give week 4 run 1 a go tomorrow and if I fail ill just do another run or two in week 3 - :-)


I finished week 3 this morning and I did have the same thought about doing one more run in week 3 just to be sure. At the moment I feel like I might do W4R1 on Wedesday and see how I get on. I managed all 3 runs in week 3 better than Week 2 so I feel ok but I understand your nerves! Like fitbefore40 says you can try W4R1 and if its too much go back and do W3. If it comes naturally then great....go for it. Think I'm going to do that.


I'm not sure it'll ever come naturally but I think ill give it a go tomorrow night and put on how I managed it or if I managed it ha :-)


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