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Was it a run, well maybe some of it!!!!!!

Was it a run, well maybe some of it!!!!!!

Had a class down at the gym this morning so after that I took off for a run. I have trotted around the hotel complex while on holiday a few times but nothing more than 15 minutes so will this go OK I wondered!?!

Well it was just OK, I forgot to take my inhaler this morning which was a stupid thing to do especially as its always windy down at the beach but I must stop making excuses for my poor performance, its due to lack of motivation nothing else.

I ran for about 4K then decided I'd had enough and started walking back to the gym, half way there I pass the base of the Broad Hill, its not high and has shallow steps widely spaced to get up it. Well what else could I do, I mean you can't ignor a hill on a sunny day now can you?

I jogged/walked up to the top and stopped to look around, I had'nt been up there for many years and the views you get of Aberdeen are pretty good. I took a photo and headed back down, wow was it fun, the steps as I said are widely spaced, 4 strides then 2 shallow steps together, well you don't use each shallow step when you can jump them both together now do you!!!

It took meljust less than 20 seconds to get back down, what fun I had, I'm sure anyone seeing me would have thought "what is that silly old woman doing" ;)

I'm off to check Google street map to see if I can make up a route to take in the Broad Hill as a training route, it will be good for building up the stamina again and lots of fun leaping back down. The track runs right the way across so it means I can go up either side and back down the other, oh I do like to find somewhere new and different to run when I lose motivation, don't you? :)

Happy running guys and girls.

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You run for 4km and outside, you are my hero. I just finished a 35 min run and just did over 3km just cannot seem to get any further. I am still on treadmill just cannot make the jump to outside, so good on you and love the picture I'm in Prestwick and today we had sun and hail lol happy running keep going.


Just pull out the plug on your dreadmill, I hate them, much prefer the fresh air and being able to see all the different gardens as I jog by. Bite the bullet and do it, I promise running will be much easier, more interesting and fun. :)


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