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limped home this morning : (

W3R2 not a happy bunny. i had an achy left knee a year ago from gardening, kneeling on cold damp grass for too long... i do yoga once a week and its fine, but since ive started C25K its been niggling me. I also gardened last week (There should be health warnings about gardening!) i did W3R1 on thursday in the rain and it niggled but was fine, i purposely rested on saturday and sunday and went out this morning as it felt rested, but i after the first 3 min jog it was agony. i stretched before going out etc.... ive taken ibruprofen and have elevated, iced etc.. its my left knee fairly low down and on the inside. a friend suggested that i get my gait checked but nearest store is 2.5 hours away, i live in the sticks. i know i should see my GP but they will just say its the running (not the gardening). i feel a bit woe is me. i really want to make this work for me, im really enjoying it and now feel sad that im stuck.

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I have had problems with my knees as well, I have found running twice a week makes the world of difference. I did the 1st couple of weeks fine and then found me knees were getting worse, I have switched to doing 2 runs a week and whilst it means it will take me 3 weeks to do six runs I am much happier doing that, I tend to do a bike ride or something instead of the third run in the week.

It might be worth a try, I think I went from doing it Mon, Weds, Sat, gave up 3 times a week after the Weds run and that gave me 5 full days rest until I started again and now run Monday, Thursday and cycle on Saturday and my knees are much much better, they still hurt a bit after running but they have the time to recover.


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