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Not a good start to the running this week.

Last time I blogged about doing half of week one accidentally when I was supposed to be moving on to week 2. Last week I completed W2R1 and W2R2 but then I had an issue with W2R3 because I developed this odd pain in my ankle when I was running. I did finish the run but not as well as I would have liked so I had planned to do it again today after giving my ankle two days rest.

So today, I wake up, my ankle seems fine so off I go. Did the first two runs of run 3 before my earphones broke. I knew I should have bought a back-up set when I bought them but I didn't so I shall be getting some new ones this week. I'm planning on buying the Karrimor band earphones - does anyone else use them?

I'm a bit frustrated, annoyed with the headphones and my ankle is a little bit tender - nothing major though but I think I shall play it by ear with my ankle and see how I go, resting it if I need to. Does that sound like an okay plan or should I be resting it until it's completely better with no tenderness? It's not swollen or anything, it just hurts. I do walk weirdly in my shoes anyway (they always get worn out in weird places) so I'm wondering if that's the cause, I've added new trainers (yay!) to the shopping list.

I am determined to keep going though, I'm rather enjoying it! :-)

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