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Week 5 Run 3


This is such a challenge mentally! To go from eight minutes to twenty seems impossible. I admit I put it off for a couple of days as I wanted perfect conditions!! Didn't really think I had a chance of doing it BUT I DID!!!! Nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be be and I am amazed. as soon as I knew I had done ten minutes, with Laura's encouragement I was sure I could finish. As I was quite a way from home ( having turned round and found the wind against me- i carried on in the original direction!), i did my warm down and then even jogged a bit more. I am pretty sure though that I was very slow but I am so pleased with myself. I am sure this is the hardest run mentally.

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Hi Cambia! Maybe you were slow but does it matter? You did it! I'm beginning to realise an awful lot of this is mind over matter. Self belief that you CAN do it. And YOU did!


hey well done you, good to hear its not as bad as we probably all imagine, i'll be the doing the week 5 run 3 on Wednesday. nervous and looking forward to the challenge at the same time, your so right its hard to imagine being able to go from the 8 minutes to 20. A lot of the battle is in our own heads. well done :-)

Cambia1 in reply to bikergirl

You will be fine. Set off slowly, you can always up the pace towards the end. Good luck!


For anyone who hasn't done it yet, I think the thing that gets forgotten is that it isn't really a jump from 8 to 20 minutes, it's actually from 16 (with a mini walk in the middle) to 20, which isn't so bad from the legs point-of-view. Not that it isn't a HUGE mental jump from the brain point-of-view! (I was terrified of it!)

Fantastic work there, Cambia. Enjoy week 6. :)

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