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8 mins seems easier than 5

I have just completed week 5 run 2. I was not looking forward to it as it is a week since I completed run 1 as the programme is starting to affect my old knee injury so I needed some extra rest.

On the last run the 5 minutes seemed really difficult but this evening the 8 minutes just flew by and I could have gone further. I am now actually looking forward to the 20 minutes on the next run!

I am now starting to believe that I will be able to run 5k over the next few weeks.

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Oh, that's so good to hear. I just completed week 5, run 1 so am interested in reading your thoughts on this week. It seems such a jump from 5 mins to 20 in one week. I'm just going to have to trust in the program. Well done you!


well done! I also found the 8 minutes better, I think it takes me most of the first 5 minutes to get into my groove. You will be able to do the 20 minutes, I'm sure, just be aware of your knee if you have issues. Good luck!


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