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Managed to avoid the thunderstorm


Did W2R2 yesterday morning, and I have to say that my legs are a lot less sore at the end than they were during W1. Was a bit worried that it would be a non-starter though as a massive thunderstorm had woken me at about 5.30. By 7.30, I decided the roads would have dried a bit (worried about losing my grip on steep bit down). Have decided I much prefer morning runs as they are so much cooler, but it's just not practical during the week.

This morning I woke early and decided to make the most of some beautiful clear sunshine to walk my route as this was a 'rest day'.

Thought those of you who hate hills would like an idea of the mountains that I need to try to find flat routes along. My best route so far is a loop of 4.2km (I have to add a bit on the end) and drops from 542m above sea level down to 488m. (A difference of over 200 feet). The best that I can say is that it's not undulating - just flattish then down, then flattish again and then up. But the views are great!

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I struggled to complete my weeks on a playing field in English weather ..... All those hills (or mountains!) plus heat to contend with ..... Well done you :)


Mmmm - that looks pretty challenging! Good luck with it - even more reason for 'slow and steady' than for those of us in flat, cool areas! You'll have legs of steel by week 9! :)

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