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wk 4 r 2 in the rain!!

this is second attempt to graduate, first time I managed week 6 no problem, but it was 2 days before Christmas...I lost motivation after the break, so this time i've signed up for a 3k charity run in july, not far i know but it's helping keep me on track knowing i don't want to walk any part of it

have realised i'm much better running outdoors, feel better, complete runs more often, so even though it's raining outside i didn't let that put me off!

I've even done something I said i'd never do and that's run 2 days running, but only because I didn't want to run on my birthday tomorrow. despite that the run went well

for anyone who is struggling, then if I can do it this far (and i'm 51 tomorrow and never ran as an adult) then anyone can. I find that concentrating on the music and the pavement helps, in fact last night i missed the one minute warining of the end as i was completely thinking about something else!!!

i also realised that when i used to swim I had a moment at about 8 lengths where i thought i'd have to give up as it was so hard, but just 4 lengths later it was forgotten and i'd frequently then swim 60. I think my running is the same, the first 3 minutes are the hardest, by half time it's all forgotten and i know i can complete

good luck to everyone

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Well done, running in the rain is a funny one, a runner friend of mine, knowing it would rain for my next run, sent me a text that made me laugh "remember, you're not a witch, you won't melt". Everytime I wake up for my run and hear the rain pelting down outside, I remember the text and get out there! Well one you!


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