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Cor! That was tough!

Did W7R1 yesterday. We usually run on nice level roads in the village and are now used to running on that surface. However yesterday was run day and our grandson (3 years old) had a party at a hall close to the school I work at. Since this nestles in 60 acres of lovely Sussex countryside I thought it would be a great place to do our first 25 minutes of the new week. I did not bargain for the uneven ground or the steep gradients that I never realised were there.Half way through we both felt that the remaining half would be impossible. Legs were saying "I'm hurting, that's enough!" But Laura was there and your encouraging blogs came back to me. We did it and feel great to have done so, particularly on that surface. I suspect the next run will be back in the village. Who knows where the third might be!

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Unexpected hills are... interesting! :) Well done for conquering them! (Anything not flat = hill.)


Very good greenlegs! What I meant was that when you are used to driving along or looking at somewhere very familiar you don't necessarily think of it in running terms. Rest assured I would have spotted a hill!


Ah! - what I meant is that I have reassessed my understanding of what a hill is! Much flatter things are now all classified as hills. :)


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