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Grizzly W6R2 !

After all the scare stories surrounding week 6 I was surprised and feeling quite smug about my w6r1 performance.

That'll teach me!

The first 10mins of run 2 went ok, (my smugness was still smuggling).

Then came the second ten...

After five mins my legs felt like logs! I slowed down and plodded on. By the time Laura told me I had one minute to go I was just about jogging. One minute has never felt so long! I've never been so grateful to hear the word "walk" in all my life.

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Yes, but you did it! :)

Still, it shows you have more than one pace - faster and slower - and can adapt as you need to. I tend to find I start off too fast, even when I know I'm doing it, but if I can hold myself back at the start, it goes much better. Hard though, when feeling all enthusiastic and smug! :)

Bit of a shock to go back to noticing a whole minute being long again though!


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