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Week 6 in the bag, just started Week 7!

Well hello there!

Didn't have time to blog about Thursday's run, so you get 2 runs for the price of 1! :) Thursdays run was eventful! I felt good about the run, so started out and got into a good pace. Time seemed to pass quite quickly and I jogged along, taking in the surroundings. The wind was quite strong so I was pleasantly cool.

Laura had just said I had one minute left, when I realised I had a nosebleed! This was not good. I had no tissues, or anything to stem the flow. And it was a BIG nosebleed! So I stood there pinching my nose whilst trying to hold the dog.

After a few minutes, I slowly let go and it had stopped. But I had blood over my hand and on my face - I looked like I had been beaten up. I had to walk through my village with my (clean) hand half over my face and I turned away every time a car came (not too often thank goodness)!

So that was Thursday!

Today I didn't really feel like going out. I had been out all day, for a 2hr walk on Watchet Beach, then had afternoon tea and ice creams before heading back, stopping to do foodshopping before I came back.

I rested for a bit before going out, and boy I was glad I did. The canal was empty, so Nala could be let off and run around at her pace (a lot faster than mine). It was extremely blustery, and my hair was blowing all in my face. I had it up, but my side fringe wasnt long enough to be clipped back.

I had to start the run twice, because the 1st time my zippy running top became undone and I had to stop to zip it back up!

So once I was on my way, I found the first 5 minutes a little hard, but once I had settled into a rhytmn, I was fine. I was a bit tired, more than usual, but that was probably because of my day out.

Run 2 on Mon! :)

Happy Running!

P.S (sorry for long blog!)

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