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Best run yet

It's been about 3+ weeks since I graduated and I've been doing a bit of B210k and 5km + bursts.

Today was my best run to date. 51 minutes and managed 6.6km. The weather was breezy and cool, the dog was well behaved and I put together a new playlist for this run. Spotify list a good playlist at 170-190 beats per minute which is perfect to run to. I highly recommend giving it a go.

Fastest 5km, fastest km and furthest run logged on Nike+. A great start to the weekend.

Is anyone else giving the B210k a go? I find the walking a little irritating but am trying to stick with it.

Happy running folks

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Hi there, I'm on week 3 of B210K and I think it's very good - I even like the music! I have been warned by better runners than myself not to do 3 long runs a week, but do, say a speed run and a normal 5 K as well.


wow- well done thats great progress! I have downloaded B210K but not sure as not so keen on interval training! Good luck , Julia ;)


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