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Took on the advice

Decided to take the advice of Greenlegs and try something new to mix it up a bit and not feel quite so negative about the long runs all the time.

My plan was to try and run 3km in 20mins.

I knew this would be a challenge, especially as the route I chose was blustery headwind all the way. (Honestly, why me? Is it just me? No matter which direction I run/walk/cycle, the wind is constantly in my face and it's gusting badly today.) My husband dropped me off on the way to take the girls swimming so I could run home. Good plan, excellent incentive to get a move on.

I also chose to start the run on a downhill to get me going and give me the oomph to push on. And it worked. For the first 10mins I was pounding the pavement like a pro and felt really good and strong but by 12mins I suddenly faded badly, my stomach was cramping, my chest was ready to explode and I had to slow it right down. In truth, I wanted to give up, but thought no, keep going to the 15min mark and see how you are then. That seemed to do the trick and allowed me to get my breath back and although my pace dropped dramatically it was the best thing to do. Then at about 17mins Puff Daddy came on and that gave the renewed impetus to keep going. That song's a Godsend!

Anyway, I failed in my challenge, but not by much. Despite having to slow down to a near walk - or so it felt at the time - I managed 3km in 20:52mins. 52secs over my target time. I'm chuffed with that. Really chuffed. And it gives me something to work towards along with the longer runs. Think I'll do this alternately with the 30mins + runs every other day and see how I get on.

:-) x

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I think getting dropped off so you can run home is a good plan. Well done on your time :-)


Well done bex - that's brilliant. And no, it's not just you - that wind has been targetting me too - those gusts are an absolute killer!

The only positive way I can look at it is that it's good stamina training and when (if!) it ever stops blowing, my times should increase dramatically!! Well, that's that hope anyway... ;-)

Well done for staying calm when things got tough and getting through, and pleased don't say you failed - you just slightly overshot your target!! :-)


Sounds pretty good to me - you didn't give up, you just adjusted your target. ;) And not by much, either.

Wind makes such a big difference anyway. Good work! :)


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