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Back on track finally and who picked that song?

Just after Easter I pulled my hip whilst doing W6R1 and had to have a few weeks off and step back a few weeks at the request of the Dr. Well yesterday just did W6R1 for the second time and I'm back on track. Finding the my motivation a little waning this time but keeping going, it does feel hard though !

Also did any one else feel like throwing there iPod in the reservoir when it started singing 'its easy now' ! Is the person who picked the music having a laugh ???

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Lol, yes, it took a great deal of willpower to get through that song. I found swearing out loud at the song helped, although got a very nasty look from an elderly lady out walking her dog. Oops!

Glad you're fit again and back to running, good luck!! x


I thought the song about a lovely day and the sun shining highly inappropriate for running in the snow :) Think it's round about week 3!


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