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Distance = Speed x time...feel like I'll never get to 5k!

So, I did the C25k - all 9 weeks (still can't quite believe it!). Can't say that it was pretty and can't say that I enjoyed the running itself, but really do enjoy the feeling after and the way my breathing is so much easier now (and the 1/2 stone that disappeared along the way). I've moved on to the 5k+ now, stepping stone (not dared try either of the other two runs yet) and even though I am managing the whole run each time and keeping up with the beat, I am nowhere near running 5k in 30 mins (it takes me at least the warm up/down walks as well). The tapes encouarge small steps, mine are obviously just too small!

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Congratulations agedsnailspace and go get your shiny badges on the double!

If it is any conslation at all, I graduated in November and am still nowhere near that magic 5K in 30 minutes. BUT I can run for an hour without throwing up or getting out of breath. So I'm happy! Happy running, Delia x


If you can do 5k including the warm up and cool down, you're much faster than me - and I've run 10k (once - last week - it took 100 minutes!)

I only go about 3k in 30 minutes, though I have once run a mile in ten and a half minutes - which is almost fast enough to do 5k in 30, but I couldn't have gone any further than the mile!

But do I care - nope! I haven't used the 5k+ podcasts, as I like running without music, and I don't run as often as three times a week, but I like doing a mixture of shorter faster runs and longer slower ones - and enjoying them, mostly.

Keep on running, and don't worry too much about the pace. :) Snails rule! :)


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