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W1R2 got out there - eventually!

Very new to all this and intended running this morning - early. Didn't even wake up until10.00 and really did not want to get up even then. Eventually got myself out, after a banana and water. Managed to run all the runs (did brisk walking before run ends last time) but my brisk walking today was more of a very slow stroll! I was still moving though so hopefully that's ok. Decided to wear my old badminton trainers, not the old fashioned plimsolls, pleased I did and on the way round realise it's my birthday next month so a trip to the running shop is in order soon!

I'm hoping the glass of milk after my run today will prevent the sore thighs. I'll let you know!

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful support. I wouldn't have got out the door today without it.

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Well done for sticking with it. I've found that reading a few blogs on here before going out really helps give me a boost to get out of the door! :)


Well done. I am at the same stage as you - and have the sore thighs - and also well done for getting through in badminton trainers ;-)


Today I drank a glass of milk when I got back and, touch wood, I am not feeling nearly as stiff and achy as my W1R1. Can't say I am enjoying it yet - never been sporty type. Looking forward to the day I feel I want to go out and run.


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