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W8R2 - massive improvement on W8R1

Well that felt so much better than last Friday's run. Although it was still hard, I enjoyed it so much more. The light cloud cover burnt off after I was out for just a few minutes so was relieved that I'd had the foresight to apply a little suncream on my face.

However, if this weather keeps up though I'm going to have to ditch my running jacket but then what do I do with my tissue? And will my nose ever stop running? ;) Plus I'll have to apply more suncream as more of me will be showing. (I suffer from a sunlight allergy so I have to be extra careful.)

Did get some pain which started about half way round. Felt something rubbing between my toes. I'm thinking it's either a small stone or my little toe nail rubbing. When I got home I found a little blood and what looks like a small cut but I'm still not sure what caused it. Ok, my toe nails probably do need a cut but they don't look so long as to have rubbed.

Oh and I passed another runner on my way round. He didn't have any headphones on and looked like he'd been running for years. He smiled and I said good morning. I was glad I hadn't reached the panting stage :D

Bring on Tuesday and then just 3 to go. Woo hoo! Not that I want this programme to be over as that means I'll have to decide what to do next!

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I know what you mean about the tissue!! I'm going to have the same problem if I ever get decent weather for long enough to ditch the jacket!!

Not long now, you are soooo close to that week 9 run 3 high! Well done and enjoy the rest of your runs :)


Great run! Lovely to be acknowledged by other runners, isn't it! :-)

I have tissue issues too, due to hay fever starting a couple of weeks ago - I take them in my pocket on the back of the cycling t shirt I wear, but then ended up carrying several soggy ones between bins yesterday on Parkrun, but on my normal runs bins are few and far between! :-(

Good luck for week 9 and graduation. :-)


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