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A Multi-Tasking Run

Set off as usual for my run, just nearing the park gates after an uphill slog when a dog appeared in the gates. The owner shouted for it to come back - it instantly shot off up the road at speed. The owner (still walking) shouted at me to go and catch her dog. "You must be joking" flashed into my head but off I went. Luckily the dog headed back and I managed to grab his harness. 15 mins later someone stops me to ask where the sports centre is- couldn't think of the quickest way but knew I had already run past it so sent her off the way I had come. Few yards later realised there was much quicker route so turned and ran after her. My shouts of hello were ignored ( and where the energy to shout came from I will never know). She didn't respond til I actually touched her and realised she had headphones in. Set off again and a few seconds later the beeper went to say I could walk for a bit but I knew she could see me still and didn't want her to think I was now too tired to carryon so just kept going. Got home feeling it had been one of my most enjoyable runs- maybe I should always engineer a few distractions.

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Sounds like a fun run! Well done for all your efforts helping others, hopefully you will be rewarded sometime! :-)


What a great run! Lots of activity stops the brain sending 'I'm tired' signals. I sometimes take a letter with me to post; it gives me a reason to go out :)


Sounds like a really eventful run. I've been dreading any interruptions so far (I'm on wk7) as I would be really resentful of anyone interrupting my programme.

It's a good job you aren't as selfish! I hope they appreciated it. :)


Hilarious! :) Mind you, I'm not sure I'd have gone to catch the dog! :)


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