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Finally bit the bullet

This mornin was my first W1R1 session!! decided to get up and about before too many people in the village were awake and headed for the local playing fields (not ready for passing motorists to see me on the roads!)

I only managed to do 4 and a half of the run segments but its more that i exprected to be able to do!

My left ankle hurts as well as my right hip and knee but i'll survive lol i have a torn ACL in my right knee so probably need to wear a support for that on my next session really.

here is to Tuesday for run 2, i have a feeling i will repeat this week a couple of times but i am prepared to do that!

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Yay really well done you. The first run is the hardest, there will be no stopping you now. Don't worry about the motorists they are not interested in pedestrians! I know exactly how you feel I have been there. I am about 4/5 stone overweight and felt self conscious in the beginning but now in week 7 I don't give a hoot!!!!!!!

Be proud of yourself and keep going this plan is amazing.


Congralations on achieving that first hurdle. Good luck with Run 2.


Congrats on your first run. Take care of your injured bits and repeat as much as you need too. Never underestimate how big a step you have taken just starting. Keep it up!


The first run is the hardest. :) Well done on starting. I only did 4 1/2 of the first day's runs too, back in December. Today I ran 10k - took me 1 hr 40 minutes! Can't quite believe it!

Keep going!


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