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W1r2 lessons learned

Ok, here's a few things I've learned this morning on my second run:

Don't worry about being really won't want that fleece after the first run!

Eating a light breakfast is probably a good idea.

Blisters hurt

A stitch can be tolerated

And probably most upsetting....Trent valley is a clue! Suzanne you live in a valley therefore EVERY run includes an up hill start GRRR

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PS but I still did it!still proud!


I have only just got back from my W1R2 in the Wharfe valley. I didn't switch my player on until I got to the old railway track thus avoided first run being uphill. it adds half a mile to total but hey, that's fine. Enjoy the satisfaction of doing it. GOOD ON YOU!


Yay! And very soon, those uphills will be conquered on the walk and early runs out..... Leaving the downhills for the longer runs back home :D

Blisters are horrid :( ... if you can get them, double-walled running docks are amazing - no blisters at all and a pal training for a marathon has not had blisters either!

Have fun, sounds as if you are in a beautiful part of the country ... enjoy :) Cheers, Linda x


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