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Two promotions in a day!

Today was the day for W9R3 but with the prospect of promotion to the Premier League for my team today, should I run first or wait until later. An earlier kick off time answered my question.

For me this was a big day as someone who had not done any serious exercise for almost forty years, the decision to start the programme took some doing and starting on a cold February night struggling a little on the short runs I began to question myself, but I carried on and then came W5R3. Could I run non stop for twenty minutes. After two failed attempts doubt crossed my mind that I would complete the programme. It was at that point I realised breaking this particular barrier was all in the mind. As I ran the same route I set some landmarks and told myself I had to reach them then aim for the next one. It worked, I'd broken the barrier. Up to this point I hadn't told anyone about my running, frightened I guess that they would laugh at the old bloke trying something even some guys twenty years younger wouldn't attempt. But now I wanted to tell everyone and was pleasantly surprised at the support I received.

After a nail biting afternoon I watched the Tigers get promoted to the Premier League came home and got myself promoted to Graduate of C25K.

What next. I want to improve my time of 32 minutes for 5k and will be starting on a Park Run soon.

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Congratulations on both promotions. In two runs I'll be joining you. Here's to a year of nailbiting suspense in the Premier League (and a great way to work off the adrenaline afterwards!).


Congratulations!!! Well done on your graduations and a good time too!!


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