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Slipped a bit this week

Ouch, ouch, and triple ouch :( As a professional moving and handling trainer I should have taken my own advice. I didn't so am nursing a sore back AND really sore legs courtesy of boot camp. Have rested Friday & today but MUST get back to some running tomorrow. Think I'll restart week 6 Sunday, if it goes OK I'll try run 2 on Tuesday. Will spend 3 hours stuck in a car, on Tuesday, but then have boot camp in the evening. If trainer does mostly abs & arms then I'll manage a run Thursday. Have a work assessment/quality assurance visit on Friday so will need to prep for that as well, so might rest Friday, then try another run Saturday.....

oh yes, Race for Life stuff arrived today,,, no hiding in that gear, not exactly subtle is it? :)

have also been given sponsor money from people at work so there's no going back, gulp!

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