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Finally back out!

I've been really bad lately and hadn't gone out in 12 days! I think life just caught up with me a bit with my assignments and the hot weather (which isn't an excuse) Because of this I was a bit anxious about going out today as I'm currently on week 8, and 28 minutes is a long time if you haven't been out in nearly 2 weeks!

It was really good though! The time went crazy fast and I didn't get any stitches, which is normally an issue for me.

I'm just really glad I got of my lazy backside and went out because now I'm back on track to graduate in the next couple of weeks!

Happy running everyone and enjoy the weather! :D

Stats: 3.86km in 28 mins.

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Really good that you got yourself back up and out running - yes, it is hard to get going again when you've had a bit of a break - so easy to put it off just one more day...

Hope you keep going out and graduate very soon! :)


thankyou!! :D


Well done getting back out there have missed yourblogs last couple of weeks im on week 8 too and was surprised how fast the time went! Enjoy the sun and keep on running x x


Thanks for taking the time to read them! :D hopefully the time will keep flying and well graduate in no time! :) Rachel x


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