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Ooh! Getting a bit quicker - w4r2

We just got in from run 2. Hubbie in shower first so typing with shaky thumb! As we pootled round (new nearly tunes spotted today: slightly Sophie Ellis-Baxter and almost backing track for Lionel Richie) I felt like we were getting a bit fast - by accident. Just looked at mapmyrun and we were below 8 mins per km on average (this over whole thing including warm up/ down walk) - def quicker! I'm starting to feel it now! We had all weathers too- hot sun (I need my flip belt to arrive as only way to carry idevice is to have jacket at mo. ) rain and a head wind!

What I find most amazing with this thing is not just how I can run for longer each week, but how I don't need as long between runs dueing each session to recover. This is really improving my fitness!

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The same happened with me this week on week 4. I think I relaxed as I knew I could do the runs so tried a little harder.


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