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Week 4 done!

I've found this week challenging but have managed to push through and complete all the runs - although by the last 5 minute run I am going so slowly, I am pretty much jogging on the spot. Bring on week 5....even if I am slightly scared!

I've had a few knee niggles this week and am off to buy some knee supports in the hope they will help. Before the programme i bought a pair of Nike trainers designed for pavement running, however I know I need to go to a running shop and get my gait analysed....I was really hoping to complete the programme before investing in some expensive trainers - to be honest at the start I wasn't even sure if I would be able to complete week 1!

On a side note the music on the podcasts seems to get worse each week! I also wondered if anyone had any recommendations for an iphone app that will track your route and measure how far you are running?

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I use runkeeper, that tracks how far u run, how fast and how many calories burned - I find it great and it's free :-)


Keep going - I have just completed week 6 BUT at Week 4 I was very demolorised - so keep keep going. Week 4 I found particularly hard and I couldn't really tell you why. Can't help you with apps I am afraid.


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