W5R2 Easier than expected

Just done W5R2 and it was easier than I expected. I kept up well with the 8 minute runs and even managed to sprint the last minute. I'm beginning to think I might actually manage 20 minutes on Sunday!

In other news, I had my first "have you lost weight?" comment today. I wasn't particularly doing this to lose weight, but certainly in the last week I've had to keep pulling my jeans up all the time, and when I took them off just now to change into my running gear I discovered I could easily take them off without undoing them. Think I might soon need to go shopping for some size 14 jeans, which was unexpected!

3 Replies

  • That's great news for you, always good to get an unexpected compliment. You'll probably be fine with the 20 min run because you believe that you can do. Good luck

  • Thanks! Am actually starting to look forward to it now (I worry about myself sometimes!)

  • Well done with W5R2 and the weight loss and good luck on Sunday! I struggled with W5R2 but was fine with W5R3 so you'll find it a breeze!

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