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Did W1R3 today :D

I did run 3 this morning and actually really enjoyed it once I got going. There were some parts of it where I noticed I was running faster and others a little slower but that's fine; I'm not worried about pace at the moment, I just want to concentrate on being able to run for longer. I've liked doing every run so far but this was a really good one and I loved it. When Laura said there's only two runs left, I was a little disappointed - think I'm starting to catch the running bug! :D

Shall be moving on to week 2 on Sunday morning. Little bit nervous about moving on to week 2 but at the same time, I'm excited and looking forward to running again on Sunday.

Really glad that I decided to restart the program, think I'm enjoying it more the second time around :-)

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Since you've done it before you know how well it works already. Well done finishing week 1.


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