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Serious musings rather than light music on W5 R1

Today was W5 R1. I did it. Notphaedippides did it better! Once the first run is over I know I'll be OK for the rest but that first one is awful. We went five times round the park so I must be going faster - that's the furthest yet.

I spent most of the run musing...better than listeniing to that terrible music Laura plays. My musings were quite serious...on how I've "wasted" two thirds of my life not exercising and part of that stems from my parents' attitude to me as a child. I was always told I couldn't run, that I was a "stiffy" and no good at games so should do something else that I was better studying....or even chores!! So my attitude to sport and running has been completely negative all my life until 13 runs ago. Why was I so influenced by them? I could have been running all my life if I'd been encouraged perhaps??? Now all that is left to me to enjoy this activity is another third of my life (if I should live till I'm 99). I want to shout out loud "anyone can run - give it a go and you'll become hooked".

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Hi. I also did w5r1 today. Well done to us! I am also someone who was not keen on excercise and was in awe when my hubbie did the London marathon 15 years ago. I don't think I'll ever be a good runner but at least I'm doing something! Good luck with r2 (I for one am dreading it cos I know it's one step closer to having to run 20 mins) :-)


Thanks Mfbee. Good luck with your run 3 too.


It's really nice to see the enthusiasm coming through I. Your post, you should be very proud of yourself, the fact you've done this today means you are set up nicely for the next one. Don't worry! The plan has worked for you so far so I think you may be happy with yourself after the next one too. Today you ran for five minutes a time, that's fantastic and no mean feat! You worked hard and earned your reward, WELL DONE!


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