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W5R3 - I Diiiid it! (shouting,screaming, jumping up and down etc)

What more is there to say???

Well, first a prayer of thanks to Almighty God in heaven for giving me the health and strength to do this after a couple of years with health issues, including a TIA 18 months ago.

This morning I was glad it was hectic as it didn't give me time to think about what was coming up.

But when it came to the time for my run I did just wonder how it would be.

So as not to discourage myself I went back to my previous shorter route and that proved to be just right. I got to my front door just as the podcast finished. Went in shouting to the wife "I did it."

I started the jog at a slowish pace, as Laura suggested, for the 1st 5mins. Second 5mins was a bit slower but after the halfway point I was able to increase my pace slightly. A glorious sunny day with a nice breeze really helped as well.

So to all of you out there that have this coming up. You will be able to do it if you follow the programme.

God bless you all

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thanks so much! I'm due to do mine on Sunday and it's so nice to hear other people who've succeeded.


As everybody in this community says, "Slow and steady". If you start like that being able to speed up later is a great boost to the confidence.

Hope it goes well for you


Congrats , the only way is up from here :) I completed my first run of Week 9 yesterday and believe me it felt great , still can't belive I can run for as long as I can :) Good luck for the rest of your weeks !!


Week 9. It was like something in a dream. Now it is beginning to feel real. Hope the rest of your week goes well.


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