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Week 5

OK, I've commented a few times but haven't got up the courage to write a proper post myself yet ...

Me: 34, 5'6, haven't dared weigh myself for ages but think it's somewhere between 11 and 12 stone, size 16, unfit though used to be quite fit about 8 years ago before a sedentary job did for that. Have been quite ill over the past year, caused mostly by stress following some nasty bullying at work last summer. And have been feeling low and lacking in confidence and self-esteem. Things have improved but for various reasons I can't move jobs and get away from the bully completely. Decided to try running as part of a strategy for looking after myself better.

Have so far completed up to W5R1, only doing each run once but taking about 6 weeks to get this far as have had to take a couple of weeks off due to illness and a holiday. Haven't got the courage to run outside yet so am running on a treadmill at my workplace gym and am walking at 6.5 km/h and running at 7.5, often putting up the speed (up to 10) for the last minute or two to push myself, and usually on a slight incline.

Am really enjoying it and have felt a huge sense of achievement as I manage each run. Am a bit daunted by looking at the rest of W5 and W6 but am going to try and take it steady and see if I can do it. Think I've lost a bit of weight, or at least I feel leaner because my jeans keep falling down! After a run my legs quite often feel weird, heavy, and sort of as though they belong to somebody else. But I can see and feel the muscles developing. And the best thing is that I feel more energetic and confident most of the time, and am building in opportunities to be more active in life generally. I feel so much better already.

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Hi, well done, my situation is similar, want to get fit, loose some weight and de-stress!!! Im only on Wk1 R2 but I am enjoying it, keep up the spirit and your confidence and self esteem will improve and I keep telling myself this! Here's to a new us!


Thanks so much. I think that the destressing benefits are far the greatest ones so far!


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