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5.61 miles!!!!!!!

I am chuffed to bits :D

I ran 4.4 miles last wednesday and that had been my longest run since graduating. Tuesday's run was a complete fail and I ended up walking home crying looking like Alice cooper (not to self don't wear mascara if you are going to cry like a baby) So I was quite anxious about this run. I hate the first two miles and I think they hate me equally!! I spend the whole time arguing with my legs!! After what seems like an age I notice that I'm in my plod pace and feeling ok just taking in the scenery and remembering to not breathe like a fish out of water!

On the down side the world and his wife seemed to be out and spotting me in my bright yellow tea shirt with a face like a radish clashing terribly with my pink hat!!!

If anyone had said to me in september that I would be able to run over 5 miles without having a heart attack or collapsing in a heap I would have laughed my socks off but just goes to show that with a little commitment to myself what I can achieve. 10K watch out I'm on my way!!!!

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You need a PINK tee-shirt now, between that and your hat no-one will notice the red face!


Well done on a long long run! :)


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