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W7R3 under the belt

And ever so slowly that belt is starting to come down a notch or two, which is an added bonus.

I should've gone out last night but a bad day at work, well certainly a long day at work, meant hubby offered me a G&T as I got in through the door and so my resolve disolved.

As it turned out, I had another long day at work today but absolutely had to go out tonight. No excuses! Covered the furthest ground ever tonight at 4.9K. I can hardly count this as nearly 5K though when 10 minutes or more of the route was walked.

Had problems at the start with MapMyRun. I thought it was going ok but then when I reached the point where in my route where I expected the 5 minute mark to be heard, there was nothing. Delved into my audio belt for my iphone only to find it registering 2:30 minutes or so. Grrr. I don't know why it keeps losing the signal but it's damned annoying.

The flies were a bit of nuisance tonight too and I was fully expecting to inhale a few. As it was I just had one brushing my eyelashes which was quickly wiped away.

All in all a good plod and I'm looking forward to starting Week 8 (week 8! I can barely believe it!) on Friday.

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Great run, well done! I have ditched Mr. Mapmyrun as he could never keep his attention on me. I have started a tentative relationship with Mr. Endomondo, so we'll see how that goes. Flies are revolting!!! Best of luck with Week 8 - let us know how it goes :)


Thanks Annie. Who is Mr Endomondo? Does he offer his services for free? Would I find him in my app store? Is it very different from mmr or is it a similar thing? Sorry for all the questions!


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